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Rainwater recharge for flood mitigation.

Torrent pharmaceuticals campus was a few feet below the highway and could have serious flooding issues.

Regular water storm designs often divert the flood rather than tackle it, which leads to more flooding in the long term, making it an even bigger issue.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used while creating them. - Albert Einstein

The project's design was made to harvest the flood water and, through our rainwater recharge system, inject the rainwater into the groundwater. There were cuts and fills for land gradation to increase its water retention capacity.

Due to the digging for water harvesting, no soil was brought from outside the campus for construction. Due to the sunken area for harvesting, the campus doesn't require any external stormwater management. It is a system of sunken areas and swales.

Recharge systems were placed on the sunken areas to recharge water.

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