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Sujalaam offers an application-specific and technologically integrated turnkey solution suitable to local geographic conditions for individuals, industries, institutions, corporates & the agriculture industry.  

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WSR Survey

Water Sustenance Report gives you a detailed hydro and geohydrology study about a targeted plot area. This report is beneficial when you are creating structures in open land (rural areas). It studies the area and creates flood simulations, and provides anti-flooding solutions, etc.      

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Injection Well

Government recognised class - V infusion well rainwater recharge system to percolate roof and surface rainwater scientifically. 


1. Improve groundwater table

2. Improve quality of groundwater by dilution effect. 

3. Aid in mitigating water logging issues. 

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Arc Filter

1. Ideal for upto 300 Sq. Mt. roof.

2. Can be fitted above and below ground.

3. No need to divert terrace pipes at one place on walls.

4. Media removes odour & sand particles from roof rain. 

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Varshajal Taka

Varshajal taka is a mineralized concrete tank that can hold drinkable water for more than five years—making it a perfect container to harvest your round-the-year drinking water. We have various products in this segment, Varshajal 500 (5000 Litres), and Varshajal 250 (2500 Litre water).  We can also connect multiple tanks for higher needs.  Life: 30+ Years  USAGE:

1. Potable Water 2. Rainwater Harvesting

3. Grease Tops 4. Effluent Holding

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Waste Water Treatment

Coming Soon...

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