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20,000+ Students Attain Self-Reliance in Drinking Water Across 300+ Schools.

Water scarcity is still a significant issue in many parts of rural India. Students in rural schools rarely get sufficient drinking water because the schools aren't allotted a budget to dig a bore leaving the RO plant installation a faraway dream. Statistics show that students in schools of these regions generally consume much less water as compared to the government regulations or would need to travel back to their house just to drink water, and end up missing the rest of the school day due to exhaustion.

If a person doesn't costume sufficient water it can lead to multiple health problems which is also another reason why some students remain absent from classes and end up with poor grades and low health statuses.

" If you do only one thing, collect rainwater ". - Bill Mollison

Rainwater is the prime and purest source of drinking water. Here at Sujalaam, we believe that rainwater is the final destination in the quest for drinking water. 6 inches of rainfall can solve a person's need for drinking water (Udaipur's average rainfall is 25 inches.)

Sujalaam approached the Government of Gujarat with a solution to make a unique product that could hold rainwater for the school's drinking purposes throughout the year. This solution doesn't require any maintenance from a third party. as the school itself is capable enough of maintaining it with zero cost. With a longer lifespan than the traditional RO system, Sujalaam's product paved the way for a sustainable water solution.

After the tank held the water for a period of six months, a water test was carried out by GWSSB who deemed the water certified and fit for drinking purposes.

The Government of Gujarat gave us the contract of installing this system in more than 300 schools which would help over 20,000 students to get access to pure drinking water every year without any chemically treated or degraded water.

Students from a school we installed Rainwater Harvesting in...

Photo by: Shail Shah


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